Ecommerce Website Design

Turn Window Shoppers into Purchasing Customers

Think about the number of times you found an item you want is sold for a cheap price but did not purchase it either because the online payment gateway was insecure, there was no return and refund policy or simply because the website was poorly made, suggesting little credibility?

When your website is not fully geared towards online purchases, having even the best products at insanely low market prices will not help you seal any deals. This is where SEMO comes in. We provide our e-commerce store setup services on, WordPress with Woocommerce and Shopify. Let us know about the services or products that you are mainly looking to sell and we will take care of the rest for you.

A properly built website should be a marketing tool to help you generate more leads, and drive conversions.

Ecommerce Wordpress or Shopify Website

The power that comes with an e-commerce website.

Having an e-commerce site also means that you can have your own product showcase which you can categorize any way you like. On top of that, building your online store on a platform meant for e-commerce settings means that the user experience design is friendly across devices, and you are free to set prices, discounts and generate voucher codes without needing to program it yourself as you might need to on a normal website.

These e-commerce platforms also provide you with built-in tools that you can use for business analysis purposes. You can easily analyze how your sales are doing on with Google Analytics and eCommerce analytics tracking. You can accelerate your online business growth easily with this information and focus on products that truly matters to your customers.

Use our website design cost calculator tool to find out an estimate pricing for an e-commerce website creation.

Key Benefits:

  • Shopping-friendly UI Design
  • Secure Transactions
  • User-Friendly Management
  • Mobile Shopping
  • Analytic Tools

SEMO provides the entire e-commerce website setup package for you.

Customize Theme

You can choose a theme you like, and we can start customizing the theme to perfection from there.

Responsive Website Design

We will set up your website to work on different device widths so that your shoppers can shop cross-device.

SEO Optimization

SEO Service to optimize your store homepage to your product pages for high search result rank.

3rd-party integrations

If you need other customized integrations, let us know and we’ll embed it into your website for you.

Tracking Setup

We can set up consumer behavior tracking on your e-commerce site such as Google Analytics.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your product stock amount with inventory management system on your website.

Website Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance can be arranged to suit your needs. Plugin and integrations updates are included.


We understand that not every problem can be expected in advance. Let us know when you need additional help!

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