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Every Business Needs A Well-Planned Marketing Strategy. Is Yours Relevant To Your Business Market Segment?

Developing an entire marketing strategy requires a lot of resources, be it time, money or manpower, whether you are a well-established company or a new start-up in its development process. There’s always so much to research, plan and execute that it’s often an overwhelming task. This is where SEMO can help you – we provide marketing strategy consulting services to our clients through the entire marketing journey. Whether you are looking to launch a new product, research your competitors and looking to develop a strategic marketing plan for your business to run smoothly in the next 5 years, SEMO has your back.

Well-planned marketing strategy to help you achieve more sales with less effort and resources. After all, every little bit of business presence helps when it comes to any type of businesses.

Online Marketing Strategy

The benefit of having a marketing plan

If you need to form a plan for something as simple as a lunch break with a group of friends, that speaks volumes about how important having a marketing plan is for your business. When you have a marketing strategy or plan, everyone in your company has a goal to strive for. You know what you need to achieve, by which date, with how much resources, and how you are going to measure if your marketing campaign worked and if yes, how well did it perform.

By developing a marketing plan, you are well on your way to delegate tasks to each department in your business so that several tasks can be done at once to achieve single or even multiple goals at once. Your marketing plan will outline the major goals, broken down into smaller tasks to be done.

Even if you are working in a home-based or service-based business, you will still need a well-planned marketing strategy to help you achieve more sales with less effort and resources. After all, every little bit of business presence helps when it comes to any type of businesses.

Key Benefits:

  • Know the business goals you can strive for.
  • Delegate your resources efficiently.
  • Measure your marketing campaign results.
  • Improve your business presence

SEMO Believe That Marketing Consultation Is Best Done In 3 Tiers

Online Marketing Strategy Plan

In this stage, we smooth out the details with you – we get to know your business, provide you with the insights you need to make your next marketing decision. We will handle everything from analyzing your industry down to your competitor’s current marketing efforts, and provide you with a rough framework for your upcoming marketing efforts.

12-month Online Marketing Calendar & Activity Schedule

In the second stage, we schedule your monthly action plans for you based on the marketing strategy plan that we have done in the first tier. These action plans will be more detailed, and broken down into smaller tasks for you to go through all year round. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to stick to a marketing strategy plan without any changes in action plans for an entire year, which is why we also offer the third tier.

Review Session/ Ad-Hoc Hourly Consulting

In our review sessions, we will discuss the outcomes of your latest marketing campaigns and action plans. The monthly marketing calendar and activity schedules can then be adjusted as needed. If you have further inquiries on any action plans or for updates that might change your schedules quite urgently, SEMO is also open to ad-hoc hourly consultations.

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