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Email Signature Preview

NOTE: Your signature is auto-saved as you start typing. This allows you to come back and edit it at any time as long as you use the same computer and web browser.

Below is the code for advance users.

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What is Email Signature?

An e-mail signature is a piece of text that appeared to the end of your email message you send. Purpose of having an email signature is to provide information about you to the recipients. Generally, a professional signature contains a name, designation, e-mail address, business contact information, website URL and social media links.

Some business like to promote services with Call To Action Button/Images attached with their email signature.. to direct interest recipient a landing page with further information.

How do use the Email Signature Generator tool?

  • Enter your details and see the preview.
  • Customize your colour on the signature
  • Add social media links in the ‘Social Media’ tab
  • Add Call to Action on your Email Signature
  • and Click the ‘Copy Email Signature’ button to Copy the signature
  • and If you need HTML Code use ‘Generate HTML Code’ and copy it

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