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What is a Meta Tag?

Meta tags are HTML code that describes a page’s content; the meta tags are not visible on the frontend of the page, but it’s a reference text/code that tells search engines and other services about your page content.

Meta tags exist in the “head” of the page,  The “meta” stands for “metadata,” which is the kind of data these tags provide – data about the data on your page.

Type of Meta Tags

There are many types of meta tag, but there are three major types of meta tags you need to know in you looking to optimize your website for search engines.

  • Title Tag – Title tag is most important and it’s visible on top of your browser.  Search engines observe title tag as your page topic.
  • Meta Description Attribute – A brief description of the page content. this is mostly appearance in search engine result.
  • Meta Robots Attribute – An indication to search engine crawlers (robots or “bots”) as to what they should do with the page.
  • Language Attribute – This will tell the search engine about the language your page is written.

Using Meta Tags For SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Meta tags are easy to insert yourself – you don’t need to know the code, just some knowledge of HTML. SEMO can help you find the generate a meta tag that you can use on your website pages. Make use of the tips to write your title and meta description for search optimization.

Writing Page Title  Tips

  • <title>Page Title</title>
  • Especially Important: Your page title is the link that will appear in search results. Since it is what people click on in the search results and is the first thing people see about your site search engines place significant weight on it.
  • Need the title under ~ 64 characters
  • Make your page title unique which describes your page content.
  • Include your focus keywords in the title.
  • Not use generic words such as “website home” or “welcome to”
  • Search engines such as Google may display the first ~ 65 to 70 characters from your page title in their search results.
  • Ensure your page title differentiates your site from competing sites.

Meta Description Tips

  • <meta name=”description” content=”Page description goes here”></meta>
  • Moderately Important: Many search engines use the meta description tag in their search results.
  • Well written meta description tags can help improve your click-through rate.
  • Your meta description should read well as many human eyes will see it in many search results.
  • The ideal length for description text is 164 Character
  • Each page should have its own unique meta description.
  • Should reinforce the keywords in the page title, targeting alternate versions.
  • Should typically use multiple versions of the keywords and keyword phrase modifiers, which support focused upon in your page title.

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